• if relocation is all about
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  • introducing Elo for Mobility Teams

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  • understanding employee-initiated mobility

    an ever-increasing batch of “hand raisers” is influencing many companies’ talent strategy.

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Elo Assist

Provide your lump sum employees with a higher level of service and create a better on-boarding experience, without increasing workload or cost.

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Elo technology

As a global mobility company, we strive to create solutions that help streamline the relocation process and alleviate employee stress, and we make that happen with Elo technology. Elo for Employees places your relocating employees at the center of their relocation and provides a single place for them to access information about their move in one centralized location. Through Elo for Employees, they can:

  • connect with key members of their move team
  • access a calendar detailing move-related tasks and events
  • submit expenses for reimbursement and view payment status
  • review a robust library of move-related articles, checklists, websites, and other resources
  • save and access all relocation documents
  • join an exclusive community where they can connect with people who have the same questions

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our approach

As a global relocation management company, our job is to help you confidently navigate the complexities of relocation and make it as simple as possible for you to manage your mobility programs.

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