once you become a Plusite, it’s important to us that you want to stay!

We strive to provide the best environment we can. Some of the things we do to keep employees engaged include:

  • Keeping our compensation and benefit plans competitive, and offer fringe benefits, too! We share in our annual profits, provide paid time off to volunteer, have onsite dry-cleaning, free parking, and an environment where a balance between personal and professional obligations is respected.
  • A formalized performance management strategy that helps us focus on achieving outrageous results. Goal attainment, competency performance, and development plan achievement are all critical pieces of our performance management plan.
  • After getting to know our employees’ top Gallup strengths, we lead them through an individualized, strengths-based development plan. We know that this investment in their unique gifts leads to a more quickly formed bond between managers and teams, as well as a better understanding of how individuals work.
  • Having numerous employee-run committees dedicated to engaging Plusites in different interest areas. Some of our committees include: Physical Wellbeing, Financial Wellbeing, Career Wellbeing, Social Wellbeing, Community Wellbeing, and Emergency Response.