position location

this opportunity is available in our Minneapolis office or on a remote basis.


position summary

the project manager of product development and innovation is responsible for managing all aspects of new relocation-related product sourcing and maintaining creative, cross-functional project teams through collaboration, coaching and direction setting. The project manager will also be responsible for uncovering roadblocks, anticipating challenges and creating contingency plans.

essential job functions

  • create, lead, and manage continuous improvement teams and activities related to relocation-related product development
  • develop, document, and continuously improve product development from conception through product launch and maintenance
  • conduct new product testing to ensure high quality standards are met
  • work closely with the strategic leadership and project teams for new product development to identify goals and ensure that customer feedback is utilized to identify opportunities
  • research and introduce new vendors, products, processes and technologies to give the Plus brand a competitive advantage that can be incorporated into the new product strategy
  • maintain a data base of all new product information including but not limited to; descriptions of service, instructions for ordering, unit options, pricing structures and revenue models
  • ensure organizational sourcing best practices are followed and product development design and development objectives are met
  • proactively develop relationships with vendors to create a mutually-beneficial partnership
  • serve as an internal resource regarding supplier product development, capabilities and technologies

skills required 

  • strong organizational skills with the ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously
  • ability to work effectively and independently in a fast-paced environment
  • ability to be a self-starter and work autonomously, as well as be part of a successful team
  • passionate about providing excellent customer service to both internal and external customers
  • excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • ability to respond resourcefully and constructively to new demands, priorities, and challenges
  • ability to maintain all accuracy when performing detail-oriented and repetitive processes
  • strong project management and analytical skills
  • effective and proactive problem-solving skills
  • successful contract negotiation skills
  • ability to be innovative and challenge existing processes
  • ability to manage large data sets, identify trends and translate into actionable information
  • passionate about developing new products, services and technology solutions to better the needs of customers

additional requirements

  • college degree preferred
  • thorough knowledge of assigned services within the relocation industry required
  • proven strategic supply chain management capabilities
  • experience in project leadership preferred
  • ability to communicate in multiple languages preferred


Plus Relocation is an Equal Opportunity Employer