What should your company know about international household goods shipping?


What should your company know about international household goods shipping?

International shipping shares plenty in common with U.S. domestic shipping, but there are some key differences. Global Supply Chain Specialist Niall Brown has the details in this Relo Tip Tuesday.


Complete transcript: “Hi, my name is Niall Brown, and I’m a global supply chain specialist at Plus Relocation. Today we’re going to have a look at some of the things you should know about international household goods shipping.

Shipping internationally has a lot in common with domestic shipping, but there are many, many more factors to consider that could make the whole process a lot more complex.

With international shipping, your relocating employee should be looking to schedule a survey around five to six weeks prior to the required packing date. At the same time, they should be looking to complete a valued inventory to ensure all items and possessions of significant value are accounted for in transit and can be repaired or replaced accordingly.

Insurance coverage will be based on a valued inventory. However, if this inventory is not completed, more often than not a lump sum will be applied to the value of the shipment, and this figure may not cover all losses.

Also, with international shipping, it is important to remember that there will be additional costs that do not factor into U.S. domestic moves. These are things like import duties and taxes, and they can vary widely from country to country, so it is important to make sure that your program takes this into consideration.

Additionally, international shipping can often present more restrictions than you would face with a domestic shipment. Some items that you can send by land cannot be sent by sea or by air. Many countries have restrictions on what can and cannot be moved into their country for security reasons. Failure to abide by this can result in penalties and fines.

Lastly, international shipments will almost always take longer than domestic shipments, particularly if shipping by sea. Please make sure this is factored into your relocation timeline. Thanks for watching.”

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